About Statulator

Statulator is a free on-line statistical calculator that conducts statistical analyses, interprets the results, and makes suggestions for presenting them in reports, journal articles and dissertations.

Minimalistic design

Majority of the people using statistical tools are not primarily statisticians. That is why we have worked very hard to keep our tools extremely simple and user friendly. Our tools need fewer clicks, provide interpretations for most of the results and make suggestion about presenting them in reports, dissertations and journal articles.

Pretty Visualisations

We believe that you should spend less time on conducting analyses and more time on evaluating the trends in your data. That is why Statulator creates beautiful visualisations without the need to write hundreds of lines of code.

100% Freedom

We believe that everyone should be able to convert data into information, regardless of where you are located or which educational institution you belong to. That is why Statulator is 100% free - we don't even require you to login to use our tools. Statulator also gives you the freedom to choose your device: you may use it on your desktop, tablet or even smart phone - virtually any device with an internet connection.

Data Safety

Use of modern cutting edge technology ensures that all the computations are done direclty in the browser on your computer. This means that you do not have to upload data to servers and your data remains secure with you.


Dr Navneet Dhand

Navneet Dhand

Navneet is an epidemiologist and biostatistician passionate about making statistical methods simpler and easier to use. He had previously developed four SAS macros to simplify regression modelling. However, use of macros required prior understanding of SAS statistical program which is too much to ask from students and researchers. Statulator was developed based on the same basic idea to simplify analyses but it is available online and doesn't require prior understanding of any statistical program.

Navneet has more than 15 years of teaching epidemiology and biostatistics and currently lectures at The University of Sydney, Australia.

Dr Mehar Khatkar

Mehar Khatkar

Mehar is a geneticist with special interest in computational genomics, statistical modelling and data analysis, gene discovery and genomic prediction. He is passionate about making analysis process simpler by writing R functions and pipelines. Small or big data, descriptive statistics and visualization is first and most important task for summarising data and discovering interesting patterns. Statulator makes it simple just in few clicks.

Mehar is currently a senior researcher at The University of Sydney, Australia.

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We are thankful to everyone who directly or indirectly helped in the development of these tools. Special thanks are due to Jayant Khatkar, Engineering student at The university of Sydney, Australia, for writing the d3 functions used for visualization in the descriptive statistics page. We would also like to express our thanks to the developers of following packages or libraries that we used in developing Statulator or obtained some help or example code when we were stuck:

We are particularly grateful to those who tested our alpha version and provided us constructive feedback. These include A/Prof. Peter Thomson, Dr Vidya Bhardwaj, Sarita Guy and Miles Theurer.

We wouldn't have developed these tools without huge support from our families. Thank you.